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Established in 2013, Glass Horse Films is the collaboration of independent film producers Lamar Billups and Ben Milliken. We have produced several films including the highly anticipated one take romantic comedy, Somebody Marry Me, and twist turning horror/thriller, Lake Alice. Together with our creative team, we strive continue to dedicate ourselves to the art of classic storytelling through high quality, commercially viable films.


Lamar Billups, Co-Owner

Lamar Billups is one of the founders of Glass Horse Films. She is an author, producer, philanthropist, spelling & grammar champion, tea drinker, mermaid watcher, environmentalist and lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast. Lamar currently resides in Mississippi with her 2 pugs Max & JoJo.

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Ben Milliken, Co-Owner 

Ben Milliken is one of the founders of Glass Horse Films. Originally from Sydney Australia he relocated to Los Angeles in 2008. Ben loves reciting movie lines, gummy bears, Batman and watching the neighborhood hawks. He is an avid coffee drinker, a Director, an amateur boxer, a husband and a dog lover. He thinks in storyboarding format 24-7 and loves seeing his visions come to life.

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Joanna Heart, Creative Director

Joanna is the Creative Director at Glass Horse Films and a foodie. She has been immersed in the Art & Design world since the first day she could hold a pencil. Joanna loves photoshop, long walks on the beach, painting, fashion, and cute puppies. 

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Sharita Roberts, Producer

Born in Kailua, Hawaii and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, Sharita’s secret wish was to become the character Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote. She spends her time researching and looking for clues that will help her succeed as a Producer in the film industry. Sharita has a love for Hi-Chews, cell phone games, hashtags and #TickleTime with her hubbie & babies!

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